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Life on Grounds


The residential experience is a cornerstone of student life at the University of Virginia. We are doing everything we can to provide an unparalleled in-person residential learning experience that is supportive and safe. 


Students living on Grounds will continue to be in double rooms by default, but we are making changes to residence halls and bathrooms to reduce risk. Students in residence halls will be assigned to sinks, stalls, and showers, and we will be limiting the number of students allowed in a communal bathroom at any given time.

See the FAQs on Student Housing. 


In-person dining on Grounds will be provided consistent with social distancing requirements, and will include more options for takeout. While many activities will be held virtually, there will be opportunities for in-person gatherings and events that meet university and public health guidelines. Finally, we are developing additional guidelines, including around limiting travel to and from Grounds. Those decisions are being made now, and we will share more information.

See the FAQs on Student Dining. 

Clubs, IM-Rec

Meetings and events can still be held as long as they adhere to all current University and public health and safety guidelines, including the use of facial coverings and physical distancing. Student groups will be receiving additional information about planning safe, physically distanced events in coming weeks.

IM-Rec facilities will be open and all visitors will be expected to adhere to all university and public health and safety guidelines including the use of PPE and social distancing. Facilities will be subject to increased cleaning efforts and hand sanitizer stands will be available.

See the FAQs on Clubs and Activities. 


We are planning for fall sporting events to be held on Grounds, and student athletes will be hearing from coaches about steps that will allow them to train and compete safely. We have not yet made final decisions about fan attendance, but we will communicate plans to our ticket holders and supporters as those decisions are made. 

Enhanced cleaning procedures

We are planning for residence halls, dining halls, and public spaces to be open to students, with provisions for social distancing, increased cleaning efforts, and an overall emphasis on safety. Student groups and clubs will still be able to meet and hold activities and events, but will be required to follow university and public health guidelines. 


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  • International - +1 202 800-2408