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FAQs for Students

For an overview of health and safety expectations for Fall 2020, visit our Public Health Measures guidelines.


Will all classes have an online option?
Yes, with the exception of a small number of clinical or practicum courses, all courses will be available virtually in Fall 2020. Students with preexisting conditions should feel free to contact their School of enrollment or the Student Disability Access Center for information about accommodations.
Can all undergraduates take a J-term and a Summer Session I class without paying additional tuition?
For the 2020-2021 academic year, undergraduate UVA Fall and Spring tuition will include a domestic J-term course. So long as a student accumulates no more than 33 credits in Fall, J-term, and Spring (cumulative), the student may also take one course in Summer Session I without extra charge.
Can all undergraduates take a reduced course load in Fall 2020?
While most undergraduates will have the option of taking a reduced course load in the Fall, some programs or scholarships may impose requirements that exclude or restrict this option. In considering whether to take a reduced course load in the Fall, students should consult their advisors and, where relevant, Student Financial Services.
Can graduating 4th year students take a Summer Session I course?
4th year students who meet the criteria above may take a Summer Session I course at no additional charge, even if they have already graduated. 4th year students who need the Summer Session I course credits in order to graduate can still participate in final exercises (and take the Summer Session I course after final exercises).
What will the grading policy be for Fall 2020?
The University’s standard grading options will apply in the upcoming year.
Will UVA offices, such as the Office of the Dean of Students, UREG, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, be providing services in the Fall semester?
Yes. The University intends to reopen various departments in the Fall semester but is still finalizing plans for employees and staff.  Students should visit the websites for the Dean of Students, UREG, and Office of Undergraduate Admissions for specific plans and operational updates.
What about the libraries? Where can students go for quiet study?
As many Libraries as possible will be open, but everyone will be expected to adhere to all university and public health guidelines including the use of PPE and social distancing. Physical barriers will also be installed in library study spaces to limit contact.
What will orientation look like?
Orientation and new student programs will partner with the undergraduate schools of enrollment to offer a virtual program over the course of the Summer that includes course registration support, focused training modules, community building activities, and opportunities to learn more about life at the University this Fall. Updated information will be posted throughout the Summer on the Orientation & New Student Programs site.
I need to form a study group as an online student. How can I do that?
Students interested in online study groups should speak to their instructors about recruiting fellow students and identifying and using available online resources.
When do we think study abroad will resume?

Due to continuation of the U.S. Department of State Global Health Advisory - Level 4: Do Not Travel and CDC Level 3 Warning: Global COVID-19 Pandemic Notice for all locations outside the United States, UVA leadership has decided to suspend student international travel for University-related purposes for the fall 2020 semester. This includes credit-bearing study abroad, research, UVA internships, and student participation in non-UVA-sponsored education abroad programs. 

A decision regarding J-Term 2021 programs and international travel will be announced by October 31, 2020. A decision on spring 2021 will be announced by November 30, 2020.

Petitions for an exemption for essential international travel will be considered from advanced graduate students and GME trainees. They can email for further details.

Academic Calendar

When will exams take place? Will they all be virtual?
The University is still making plans for final exams and their scheduling.  Any final exams scheduled after the Thanksgiving holiday will be conducted virtually.
What is the academic calendar?


Will faculty advising be offered in person or virtually?
The University is still finalizing plans for employees and staff to return to Grounds. More details are forthcoming and can be found at the Total Advising site.
Can I request a virtual meeting with my adviser?
Yes, all students should feel free and are encouraged to request a virtual meeting with their adviser. More details are forthcoming and can be found at the Total Advising site.
Will the College Association Deans still be available for walk-in advising sessions?
The University is still finalizing plans for employees and staff to return to Grounds. Please continue to check the College of Arts and Sciences website for updates.
My course has a lab component but I am not planning to take classes in person. How will I get lab credit?
The University will be assessing whether classes such as labs and practicums can be offered online.
I can’t come back from my country of origin. Will I still be able to take classes this Fall?
Yes. With the exception of a small number of clinical or practicum courses, all courses will be available virtually in Fall 2020.

Student Health

What services will Student Health be providing? Will they be in-person or virtual?
Student Health will continue offering a full range of services to students and will have both in-person and virtual appointments available.
What do I do if I think I have COVID-19?

Students who believe they have been exposed to and/or have contracted COVID-19 should seek medical attention immediately by calling Student Health at (434) 924-5362.

How are we isolating students who contract COVID-19?
First, it’s helpful to note that isolation and quarantine are different terms. Isolation refers to cases where an individual has a confirmed infection. Quarantine refers to situations where an individual has been exposed but may or may not be infected. The University has set aside housing for both the isolation and quarantine of students who reside in University housing.
I have a preexisting condition. Should I come back for in-person classes?
Students with preexisting conditions such as diabetes, asthma, or other health issues should consult with their medical professional to make the best decision for their individual health and well-being. With the exception of a small number of clinical or practicum courses, all courses will be available virtually in Fall 2020.


How will COVID-19 safety precautions be reinforced in the residence halls?
Resident Advisors will provide training for dorm residents at the beginning of the year on rules and regulations pertaining to COVID-19 and how they apply to housing and residence life.  If students have questions, Resident Advisors will be able to direct them to additional resources.  Failure to comply with University requirements may result in disciplinary action in accordance with relevant policies.
What will be different about the student residential experience?
The residential experience is an important part of life at the University of Virginia. In public spaces, students will be expected to follow all university and public health guidelines including the use of PPE and social distancing. There will be guidelines for communal bathrooms, including assigning students to specific sinks, stalls, and showers, and limiting the number of students at any given time. Public areas in residence halls will undergo increased cleaning efforts and hand sanitizer stands will be readily available. All students will be provided two cloth face coverings, two 2-ounce containers of hand sanitizer and a touch-tool, which is meant to assist in tasks such as opening doors and punching keypads, hands free.
I’m an incoming first-year student. Will I be required to live on Grounds?
Our long-standing policy is that all incoming first-year students are required to live on Grounds.  We are modifying that policy for this year to allow students to remain in their home communities for any reason if they desire.  In the days following the mid-June announcement, the University will be communicating more information about on-Grounds housing options to first-year and returning students.
I’m an upper-class student planning to live on Grounds. Will there be changes to my dorm assignment?
At this time, upper-class students with a housing assignment for 2020-2021 will be able to remain in their assigned housing. The possibility always exists of reassignment due to evolving health and safety concerns.
Will students be housed in doubles?
Double rooms will continue to be the default option for housing for first-year students.
What about shared bathrooms and common spaces in residence halls?
Shared bathrooms and common spaces will be available to students and will require that students adhere to all university and public health guidelines.  Students will be assigned to sinks, stalls, and showers and we will limit the number of students allowed in a communal bathroom at any given time.  All public spaces in residence halls will be undergoing increased cleanings.
What types of special cleaning services will housekeeping be providing in the residence halls and classrooms?
The University is planning to substantially increase cleaning services in all public areas, including residence halls and academic spaces.
Is it possible to request housing accommodations if I have an underlying medical condition?
Students and families will receive a follow up communication in the days after the mid-June announcement that will include information on housing and ensure students know how to request accommodations through the Student Disability Access Center.
What if I want to cancel my on-Grounds housing contract after July 1?
If you are an undergraduate student and chose to live on Grounds by July 1, but afterward decide you wish to take your classes remotely for the fall semester, Housing & Residence Life will release you from your on-Grounds housing agreement with no penalty, provided you contact them by August 1. This gives you time to assess your July 1 housing decision. Incoming first-years released from their on-Grounds housing agreement are required to live at home, consistent with the University’s fall 2020 housing policies for first-year students. To request a release after July 1, you must notify Housing & Residence Life at by Saturday, August 1.
If I don’t sign an on-Grounds housing contract for the full 2020-2021 academic year, can I still apply for housing for spring 2021?
Yes. Please note, however, housing is not guaranteed and is subject to availability. For undergraduate students, the housing application process for the spring semester typically begins on November 1, with offers made on a rolling basis beginning in mid-November. Graduate students may submit a Graduate and Faculty/Staff—2020-21 housing application and request a January 2021 move-in date on their application.
If my roommate decides not to return for either the fall or spring semester, will I be assigned a random roommate?
Yes, Housing & Residence Life will fill any vacancies as it deems appropriate. If vacancy exists in a room, suite, or apartment before or after move-in, any student who has applied for housing may be assigned there. Students may contact the Housing & Residence Life assignments office at if they would like to request someone who wishes to take the vacated space.  However, Housing & Residence Life cannot guarantee these requests can be accommodated.
If I have a housing contract but decide not to move in for the fall semester, can I still pay for the room so I can keep it for the spring?
Yes, students who are enrolled in virtual classes may opt to pay for the fall semester of housing to keep their contract.  You are required to agree to the COVID-19 policy and COVID-19 housing addendum by the appropriate deadline, and to notify that you will not be physically on Grounds during the fall semester but want to keep your full academic year housing agreement.  You must be enrolled in classes (virtual or in-person) to be eligible for any housing contract on Grounds.


Will there be any changes related to my parking location or fee?
  • With some modifications, parking management, including locations and fees, will return to normal in August. Communications will be issued to employee permit holders in late July. Modifications include:
    • Some commuter parking permit designations will be consolidated and residential student storage parking formerly near the stadium and in the Emmet/Ivy Garage will be relocated.
    • Parking meters and payment stations will be removed. Meter payments throughout Grounds, including the recreation centers, will be exclusively via ParkMobile app.
    • New options will be available for those who need to park on Grounds occasionally.
    • Technology-based parking management approaches will be implemented with increased use of on-line transactions and parking by license plate.
    • In-person customer service will be by appointment only.
    • Parking citations may be issued via US Mail or email.
  • Parking information


Will UTS buses continue to provide bus service? Will there be any changes to bus capacity, routes, or frequency?

UTS is operating but due to COVID-19, passengers can expect changes:

  • Passengers and drivers are required to wear a face covering.
  • Passengers should board through the rear doors (exception: passengers who need the ramp will board through the front doors).
  • The standee line has been moved away from the driver and seating capacity has been reduced by 60%. These capacity changes require significant route changes that will prioritize longer trips.
  • Service will end at 10PM to allow for enhanced cleaning of buses.

COVID-19 UTS Riders’ Guide

Complete information about UTS

Will Safe Ride services continue to be offered?
Safe Ride will operate overnight when UTS is out of service. Operational Information


What are the plans for Dining? Will dining halls be open to sit and stay or will it be grab-and-go?
Dining halls will be open but dine-in options will be limited. Students who choose to eat in a dining hall will be expected to adhere to all university and public health and safety guidelines. Dining halls will reduce seating capacity by 50 percent in accordance with Governor Northam’s Executive Order 63, provide masks for social distancing, maintain counts at entrances and exits to control occupancy, and add outside locations for food pick-up. Take out options will be available, and the University is working on additional take out options for students in the Fall.
What types of foods will Dining be serving? Will there be vegetarian and vegan options?
Dining halls will still be providing a broad range of food options, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Meetings, Spaces, and People

Can I go to the library to study?
As many Libraries as possible will be open, but everyone will be expected to adhere to all university and public health guidelines including the use of PPE and social distancing. Physical barriers will also be installed in library study spaces to limit contact.
What spaces are open to students?
Our hope is to open as many spaces as possible while observing social distancing guidelines. Limited occupancy with rotational schedules will be used to maintain social distancing in public spaces. Physical barriers will be provided in library study-spaces, at public-service locations (such as dining hall cashiers, help desks, customer-service points of access).


What are the plans for Athletics in the Fall?
We are planning for Fall sporting events to be held on Grounds, and student athletes will be hearing from coaches about steps that will allow them to train and compete safely. We have not yet made final decisions about fan attendance, but we will communicate plans to our ticket holders and supporters as those decisions are made.

Clubs and Activities

Can my CIO still meet and hold events?
Meetings and events can still be held as long as they adhere to regulations regarding the number of individuals allowed at gatherings (currently limited to 50) and all university and public health and safety guidelines including the use of PPE and social distancing.
Will the IM-Rec facilities be open? If yes, what special cleaning steps will be instituted?
IM-Rec facilities will be open and everyone will be expected to adhere to all university and public health and safety guidelines including the use of PPE and social distancing.  Facilities will be subject to increased cleaning efforts and hand sanitizer stands will be available.
What about the fraternities and sororities? Will they be able to have events, including parties?
The houses operated by Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) and Inter-Sorority Council (ISC) student chapters are private residences owned by independent alumni-managed house corporations, and are not owned by the University. However, all currently matriculating students are expected to conform to necessary COVID-19 mitigation measures designed to protect public health (consistent with any regulations or directives from state government and health officials), and this includes students who live in off-Grounds private residences such as fraternity/sorority houses. In addition, student organizations may be held accountable for violations of the University’s Standards of Conduct and the terms of any agreements between the University and the student organization, which may include organized activities that violate COVID-19 mitigation measures and place public health at risk.


Will tuition be the same whether my classes are online or in-person?

Tuition will not vary between online and in-person classes because both options offer the same academic content and ability for students to earn credit. Our faculty and staff are working very hard to ensure that instruction and student engagement in the Fall remain at our high standards of excellence, despite the unprecedented conditions. In order to provide students more flexibility, tuition for the Fall and Spring semesters will also cover one course during the J-Term and one course in the first Summer session, as described within this FAQ.



Will fees be the same whether I am in Charlottesville or in my home community?
The University is continuing to assess student fees for the upcoming academic year. Please continue to monitor this site for future updates.

Financial Aid

Do I need to take a certain number of credits each semester to remain eligible for financial aid?
Need-based aid from the University and federal loans require the student to attend at least half time (typically this means enrolling in a minimum of 6 credit hours per term) to remain eligible.
My family’s financial situation has been impacted substantially by the pandemic. How can I find out if I qualify for additional financial aid for the 2020-2021 academic year?
If your financial situation has changed as a result of the pandemic, we encourage you to reach out to Student Financial Services at in order to learn about the appeals process for Fall 2020 need-based financial aid decisions.
Is money still available to help students through the CARES Act? How do I apply?

The University received federal funds pursuant to the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. That funding will enable us to continue providing our students with emergency hardship support for these and other expenses related to the disruption of on-Grounds operations due to COVID-19. Undergraduate, graduate and professional students who were enrolled in the Spring 2020 semester can request funding for expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to the pandemic including, but not necessarily limited to, travel, technology, food, medication and other living expenses.

My mother/father/guardian lost their job, and this has an impact on my ability to remain enrolled. What can UVA do to help?
If your financial situation has changed as a result of the pandemic, we encourage you to reach out to Student Financial Services at in order to learn about the appeals process for Fall 2020 need-based financial aid decisions.
Will work-study be available in the Fall?
Work-study funding from the federal government will be available in the Fall.

Career Center

Will job fairs and recruiting events be taking place this fall on Grounds?

The UVA Career Center is making efforts to turn many of their in-person events into virtual events in the coming months.

What is the Career Center doing to help students in the face of economic decline?

The Career Center is hosting appointments virtually (through Handshake) and by telephone (434-924-8900). Appointments can be scheduled on the same day or for a future date, Monday through Friday, 12 to 5 PM.


  • Domestic - 877-685-4836
  • International - +1 202 800-2408